Spotlight on: Beautiful Boundaries, a successful LEI project in High Weald AONB

The High Weald AONB is an internationally-important landscape characterised by a mosaic of interconnected small woods, fields, shaws and hedges – a significant portion of which are ancient and species-rich.  The Beautiful Boundaries scheme aims to restore the historic medieval landscape by regenerating ancient hedgerows to divert attention from the overhead lines.

Particular focus will be placed on locations where the lines can be seen from the area’s extensive network of public rights of way including promoted paths such as the 1066 Walk and the Sussex Border Path. Other planned activities include fencing woodland to prevent damage to rare plants by grazing animals and planting hedges and trees.

The scheme was granted £200,000 in the first round of LEI funding.  Over the next three years, the High Weald Partnership will work with a number of landowners in the Wealden and Rother districts of East Sussex to implement the improvements.

High Weald AONB Beautiful Boundaries B